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The PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING CENTRE is a Centre that facilitates professional decision –making in especially recruitment and development. It will assist employers to appoint ideal candidates to a position ensuring an ideal fit and increasing the psychological contract. It also assists employers in identifying potential for succession planning and also in identifying developmental areas and thus being able to identify concrete training to help the employee improving his / her skills.

The Centre will help future candidates to ensure they find the ideal position and assist them in developmental areas.

In addition, we are able to assist groups and teams to see their potential, conflict areas, their identity and value and thus assist them in better understanding their groups and their work flow.
The Centre also provides tests specifically for Air and Road Safety in order for transport organisations to ensure they have the ideal candidates in high risk positions.
The Centre is also able to provide testing for school readiness, career testing and brain profiling for school children and adults.

We are committed to a highly professional service and will assist people to take improved decisions in their organisations and in their lives. Individual and organisational consultation is available.

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